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  • “I would have to say these people are the best people to work with. They are the most caring and helpful people. It doesn’t matter what problem you have, they’ll do everything to help you get better. I had shoulder, back and knee problems. They helped and encouraged me every day I came.”

    Katie Alleman
  • I have been in Montana and have dealt with the hospital where we lived and let me tell you they don’t hold a candle stick to BLMH! I’ve always been treated with respect and like a person here! The doctors are great and nurses fantastic! You guys keep it clean as well! I am thankful for all of the staff here at Bear Lake Memorial!

    Trish Wells
  • Very thankful you are here! You treated me with the special care a patient needs and kept a watchful eye on me. Thank you to everyone one that makes your place run from maintenance, custodial, housekeeping, administration, volunteers, doctors and nurses. Very thankful for your care!

    Ted Slivinski
  • “When I first came to therapy, I was having muscle spasms and pain in my right leg due to pinched nerves in my back, I was told I might be facing surgery. After only two or three treatments on the Newton, I’ve noticed a lot of improvement. A month later, I am returning to work. I want to thank everyone involved in my speedy recovery.”

    Bruce Christensen
  • “I had a great experience there last night. I was on my way home to Logan from a family reunion in Cokeville and became incredibly sick (dehydration/heat exhaustion) right as I got to Montpelier. I walked myself into the ER and was treated so well. Everyone there was kind and took exceptional care of me until I was well enough to drive the rest of the way home. Thank you!”

    Shari Phibben
  • I’ve been pretty lucky with my health but as for the Clinics and Lab I would say exceptional service! Grateful to have some many services available just in case something does go wrong.

    Julie Nelson
  • I’m POSITIVE that each and every STAFF MEMBER including your educated doctor feel for each patient! God Bless each and everyone who spend their days at work giving love and compassion unconditionally to ANYONE upon arrival!! I’m honored and PROUD to be a part of Bear Lake Memorial Hospital!

    Stephanie Wubben Timothy
  • “Words do not seem adequate to say how much I appreciate and love the staff we have here at Bear Lake Memorial. From Dr. Hansen and Lacey, Andrea (ER nurse), Jessie (CT) Shandee, Heidi, (Hospital nurses) Debi and Dee (lab) Tracy (laundry) and Jared getting O2 for me in my office, Tracy (dialysis) who just asked to take my O2 stats and because of her and Kriddie I qualify for portable O2. The many phone calls and concerns about me to family and friends, last but not least to the most awesome staff that I have,  with Tonia taking the helm in my absences. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough.”

    Rhea Nielson
  • “Dr. Campbell and his nurses September and Angel were so amazing to work with last night. They were so kind and personable. They all were so genuinely concerned and helpful to my daughter, myself and my family! Thank you for fixing her up and getting us right in. The motto of Bear Lake Memorial rings true, ‘The Most Caring Hospital on Earth!’ I am forever grateful!”

    Gail Simpson
  • “Everybody here is amazing!! Almost four years ago my fourth child was delivered via emergency c-section and as it was a shock to both my husband and myself, Dr. Campbell, the nurses and staff were incredible! Everything went so smoothly, and our daughter and myself recovered well.”

    Sharla Harris
  • “Wonderful staff and a great facility. We delivered our first child here and it was an amazing experience the nurses were fantastic and Dr. Hansen exceeded our expectations. Would recommend the hospital to everyone especially to deliver their child. It was a great experience to deliver our baby in such a caring and professional atmosphere.”

    Jamie Armstrong
  • I had my baby boy at Bear Lake Memorial and the OB team is absolutely fantastic! The nurses were so helpful and amazing with helping me through the delivery, I was scared when I first came in, but my nurse was beyond awesome. She helped talk me through everything and helped to calm my nerves. Dr. Hansen was the best doctor I could have asked for! He made sure I had a safe and healthy delivery. He’s been so understanding the entire pregnancy and is the ideal doctor. He’s always willing to help, and extremely professional. I couldn’t have asked for better care for me and my child. I appreciate all that the Bear Lake Memorial staff has done for my family.

    Rachel Lee