Preparing for a Disaster

When a major disaster occurs, a person’s life can change in an instant.  Here are some precautions to take to prepare your family, including elderly loved ones, for a disaster.

Learn About Potential Threats

Learn what disasters or emergencies may occur in your area.  These can include those that affect only your family, to those affecting the entire community.

Plan Escape Routes

Identify two ways to escape from every room.  Practice your escape plan at least twice a year.

Establish a Communication Plan

Make a plan for how you will contact family members if they are not present.

Make copies of important documents

Items to consider are: passport, drivers license, social security and insurance cards, wills, deeds, financial statements, etc.  Als, have emergency contact cards for you and your family.

Plan for Pets

Don’t forget to include food and water for animals

Make an Emergency Kit   

Basic items to consider:

3 day supply of non-perishable food and water

Portable, battery-powered radio or television and extra batteries

Flashlight and extra batteries

First-Aid Kit

Sanitation and hygiene items

Manual can opener

Matches in a waterproof container

Extra clothing and blankets

Photocopies of credit and identification cards

Cash and coins


Extra set of house and car keys

Medication, contact lens solutions, etc.


Consider your own special needs. Maintain your kit and store in a cool dry place. Update as needed.

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