Bear Lake Memorial’s Weight Loss Program

Many struggle with carrying excess weight. It can affect everything in one’s life. . .  from sleeping, to mobility, preventing quality time with family and more. The daily stresses one faces can take you down a path of bad habits, hopelessness, and giving up on ourselves. Bear Lake Memorial Hospital recently added a weight loss program to assist community members with reaching their weight loss goals.

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention over 2/3 of Americans are considered overweight or obese. Obesity can contribute to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease and/or Stroke, gallbladder disease, joint issues, sleep apnea and breathing problems, and even mental illness (clinical depression, anxiety, etc.)


The weight loss program is designed to support individuals in the creating a lifestyle of health through consults with physical therapy, counseling services, and dietician support. There are also surgical options that greatly increase the chance of long-term weight loss. With a 70% success rate the Gastric Sleeve surgery, performed by Board Certified Surgeon Joseph Podany, is available through most insurances but can be paid privately if needed.  The national cost for Gastric Sleeve surgery is around $12,600. The Sleeve is a permanent alteration to the stomach, which means part of it is removed completely. With that removal the hormones that produce the feeling of hunger are reduced as well.

To get started on the process, attending a free FREE Weight Loss Seminar to introduce you to the process and answer any preliminary question. The next seminar will be held on January 15th.but additional seminars are held bi-monthly. Register by calling 208-847-1110. Then there is a FREE follow up consult appointment where the patient’s health history will be reviewed and assess their eligibility for surgery. A membership to Absolute Fitness Center will be available for six months during the program. They will also go through a goal-setting session with the program coordinator. Every surgeon and facility has a slightly different approach to the weight loss surgery process but the end result speaks volumes to the impact and increased quality of the patient’s health and life.


The lifestyle consults and program coordinator is with the patient every step of the way. Success is possible and Bear Lake Memorial Hospital hopes to be there for you and your weight loss needs.

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