Healthy Coping Strategies During COVID-19

1. Gather healthy supports around you – family in person or friends that build and uplift through phone calls, texting, or social media.
2. Limit the amount of negative news you are consuming. This includes limiting contact with friends or family who believe the world is coming to an end and want you to be as freaked out as they are.
3. Look for and repost positive uplifting/hope building posts on social media.
4. When you hear of a positive act of kindness talk about it.
5. Manage up yourself and your colleagues. We deal with infectious diseases every day. Use CDC guidelines for social distancing and hygiene. We as health care workers, of all people in our society should know how to deal with this issue.
6. Do positive coping activities that don’t put you or others at risk.
a. Exercise – we live in a sparsely enough populated area that you can maintain “social distancing” without having to stay in your home. Get out, take a walk, remember why you chose to live in this beautiful valley.
b. Mindfulness: Meditation, guided imagery, Heartmath, Wheel of Awareness – See attachment on next page. Insight Timer App downloadable on either Android or Apple Apps store for free.
7. Good Resource from NAMI – National Alliance on Mental Illness.
8. If you normally eat out, continue to support our local businesses that are offering drive up or pick up services. They still have families to support. You can do so and still be safe.

WHEEL OF AWARENESS: Dr. Daniel Siegel, M.D.
• Go to Resources tab
• Wheel of Awareness – fill in email and name. He won’t send more than about 3 emails and then it will stop.
• Download/listen to Full-Length Wheel of Awareness (30 minutes)

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