12 Resolutions for Seniors

12 New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors
Each new year is a gift.  It’s a time to take stock of our lives and decide what we’d like to change. Changes can be large or small. Here are 12 practical resolutions for seniors that will help bring peace of mind. 

1.Review your legal documents. Getting your legal documents in order is really more for your loved ones than yourself, but it can bring peace of mind. Make sure documents are current, legal, and reflective of your desires. 

2.Get up to date on your vaccinations. It’s easy to put these things off, but they are important, especially important for seniors.  Flu, pneumonia, shingles, and Covid are all important. 
3. Inventory Medications. Ask your pharmacist to give you a list of all the medications you take and send a copy to a friend or family member and keep a copy on your cell phone.  

4.Try something new. This year, try something that takes you out of your comfort zone. Make a new friend, learn a new game, or learn a new skill. Adventure does not have to be physical, but it can be adventurous if it’s something new.  

5.Challenge yourself. Mental and physical challenges motivate us to do more. Mental challenges like Sudoku, quizzes, or crossword or jigsaw puzzles improve mental strength and memory. Physical challenges enable you to gradually improve balance, strength, and flexibility.  

6.De-clutter. Most of us hang on to too much stuff.  Holding on to some things reminds you of happier times and great experiences, but there’s likely a lot of stuff you don’t need and that your children probably don’t want. Start slowly to de-clutter and organize.   

7.Understand your fall risk. Falls are the leading cause of injury for Americans over 65. Talk to your doctor about how to minimize your risk of falling. 

8.Forgive people. Grudges, slights, and old scores weigh us down. Enough said. 

9.Embrace technology. This does not have to be daunting.  Start by learning one new thing. 

10. Keep laughing! Find friends, movies, comedians, books, or other things that make you laugh. Laughter really is good medicine.  

11. Share memories. Reliving your memories can lift your spirits and others’. If you have not written them down, try making a journal of your favorite memories. 

12.Revisit your old resolutions. Sometimes holding ourselves to strict standards is counterproductive. Evaluate what is really feasible and realistic. Don’t give up on a resolution that you really want to pursue. Be willing to improve a little each day. 

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