BLMH Announces New CEO/Administrator

Bear Lake Memorial Hospital Board of Directors is excited to announce that Arel Hunt has been selected as the Administrator/CEO effective July 19, 2022.  

Arel Hunt grew up in Afton, Wyoming and graduated from Star Valley High School.  He joined the National Guard between his Junior and Senior year of High School.  After high school he went to basic training in Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri.  Upon returning from basic training, he served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Moscow South Russia.  He was called off of his mission to deploy with the Wyoming Army National Guard (WYARNG) to Camp Spiker, Iraq for a 16-monthdeployment.  Between his mission and deployment to Iraq, Arel got married to Marcie (Suloff) and they have been married for the last 16 years. In his spare time, Arel enjoys spending time with his family golfing, hunting, motor biking, boating, and snowboarding.  He has three boys, Arel Jay (AJ) (13), Trelynn (11), and Markus (8).

Prior to coming to Bear Lake Memorial Hospital Arel served the WYARNG as an Active Guard and Reserve (AGR) Soldier and still serves as a traditional guardsmantoday. For the last five years, Arel has served as the Commander and Officer in Charge of the WYARNG Medical unit.  In this role, he has been overseeing and managing the clinical operations that ensure the overall medical health and assessments of the Soldiers of the WYARNG. In his tenure as the commander, he has also provided resources and coordination in training the country of Tunisia (which is a state partner to Wyoming).  Arel has served as the Medical Readiness Officer, Human Resource Officer, Logistics Officer, and State Training Officer for the WYARNG. Arel’s hobby job (as he calls it) in the National Guard is flying the UH-60 Blackhawk.  He attended Army Flight school in 2011 in Ft Rucker, Alabama.

Arel joined the Bear Lake Memorial Hospital team as the Director of Human Resources in June 2021. Due to changes in the hospital, Arel has also been filling in as the Clinic Manager since January 2022.  He has been focused on enhancing our policies, value-based care, and helping build leadership internally to BLMH. He is excited to serve all of you in this new capacity, and look for ways that the team can improve and progress in serving our community. Arel and Marcie find great value in rural communities and the environments they create for raising children.

Arel has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration with an emphasis in Finance. He has a Lean Six Sigma (green) certificate, as well as Fundamentals of Global Health Engagement (FOGHE).

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  1. Arel, I just heard that you had been named CEO. WOW! Congrats, that is amazing and you should be proud. Good luck!

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