Yay for Spring! After the long winter, most of us are so thankful that we can get outside and
move around without slipping on the ice or sinking in the snow. We now have the chance to
get outdoors and move our bodies, and we don’t have to do it pushing a snow shovel!
One of the most powerful ways to maintain a healthy weight, keep your joints strong, and live
longer is also one of the simplest, no matter your age. The health benefits of walking are
endless and can improve your physical and mental health. The key is to strive for 30 minutes
per day. Walking can do everything from lowering your blood pressure and making your heart
happier, to reducing your risk of chronic diseases and making your brain sharper.
Benefits of walking include:
Improve your mood—Research shows that just 10 minutes of walking can lift your spirits.
Burn calories and maintain a healthy weight—Regular walking can reduce fat, and as a result,
improve your body’s response to insulin.
Reduce stress—Walking reduces the stress hormone, cortisol, which will help you feel less
Improve your sleep—Physical activity naturally boosts the effects of melatonin, the sleep
Boost your brain power—Walking increases blood flow to the brain, which helps it work
Alleviate joint pain—Contrary to what you might think, pounding pavement can help improve
your range of motion and mobility because of the increased blood flow to tense areas, and
walking also helps strengthen the muscles surrounding your joints. In fact, walking for at least
10 minutes a day can stave off disability and arthritis pain in older adults.
Kickstart your immune system—Moderate to intense exercise ramps up your immune system.
It increases the number of immune cells that attack pathogens in the body.
Protect your bones—Walking helps keep your bones strong and healthy by slowing density
Live longer—Walking increases your life span by lowering the risk of death 18%-31%.
Walking is powerful medicine!

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