At Bear Lake Memorial Hospital, it is our goal to provide safe, effective, high-quality healthcare for our patients. Our internal vision is to be the Most Caring Hospital on Earth!

Bear Lake Memorial Hospital is proud members of:

Idaho Health Care Association 

Idaho Hospital Association

National Rural Health Association 

Idaho Non-Profit Association

The Hospital CoOperative

What Our Patients Say

We care very much about how patients feel about their experience at Bear Lake Memorial Hospital. Our staff tries to make the patient experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible, and our patients consistently give us high marks for the way we take care of them. Here are some recent comments from patient satisfaction surveys:

“Just love you guys! There are no better Doctors or nurses!”

“The family atmosphere is very comforting, even at a stressful time.”

“Friendly, courteous, quick, clean and the staff members are very happy and nice.”

“I have always recommended your services and will continue to do so.”

“I have been to other Dialysis centers in Salt Lake and Pocatello, and Bear Lake Memorial’s is the best!”

“Bear Lake Memorial Hospital treats you like a person, not just a body part. This is true of the entire Hospital.”

Bear Lake Memorial Hospital Vision Statement

Bear Lake Memorial Hospital, its Skilled Nursing Facility, its Home Health department and its Bear Lake Manor, assisted living center, will perpetuate and foster access to optimum, high quality health care for the residents and visitors of the Bear Lake area. The Hospital will assume a leadership role in planning for the health care needs of the community and will play a key role in the economic development of the area.




History of Bear Lake Memorial

“Montpelier Hospital” (1912-1945)
The first building designed and constructed as a hospital in southeast Idaho was opened in 1912 by Dr. George F. Ashley on North 8th Street in Montpelier, Idaho. It was known as the “Montpelier Hospital” and operated 12 beds in the two story structure. The hospital closed its doors on December 15, 1945 and was remodeled into an apartment complex known as the Mary K Apartments. The building is now known as the Colonial Apartments, near Jensen’s Market.

“Bear Lake Hospital” (1937-1949)
The second hospital in Bear Lake was found above “The Fair Store” on Washington Street in downtown Montpelier, Idaho. The “Bear Lake Hospital” was a 12 bed facility that opened in February 1937 under the management of Dr. R.B. Lindsay and Dr. Reed J. Rich. It operated concurrently with the first hospital for eight years and closed December 31, 1949.

“Bear Lake Memorial Hospital” (1950)
With a $200,000 county bond, a federal government grant, and donations from businesses and individuals, the community received a wonderful hospital at the cost of approximately $291,000. The facility was dedicated as a memorial to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives during the World Wars.