The ONLY nursing home with an in-house dialysis center and
chemotherapy in a 500-mile radius!
Recently acknowledged as a CMS Medicare 5 Star Rated Facility.

SNFWe are the friendliest, most caring nursing home that provides  uncompromised service to residents, coworkers, and community.




From fluffing a pillow to celebrating a birthday, our residents receive warm, loving attention for each individual’s needs in addition to the highest level of nursing care. We also offer services to promote the individuality of each resident through physical, social, dietary and recreational programs.

FEATURES include:

  • Large private and semi-private rooms include half-baths
  • Air conditioned rooms, furnished with cable-access TV sets and pillow speakers
  • Open dining area with lounge including a large screen TV and fireplace
  • A spacious patio with beautiful landscaping
  • Activities program with many off-site activities
  • Bingo, parties, sightseeing and much more
  • Beauty/Barber Shop

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Bear Lake Memorial Hospital’s Skilled Nursing Facility is located in the beautiful Bear Lake area of Idaho. Many valley residents enrich the lives or our residents. Volunteers provide manicures, talented people of all ages share songs, play instruments, share their stories and make sure every resident is engaged all year long especially on various holidays. A community that cares is a great compliment to the services provided at Bear Lake Memorial Hospital Skilled Nursing Facility.


  • In House Dialysis
  • On Site Physical, Occupational, and Speech Language Therapy
  • Medication Safety
  • Full-time Pharmacist
  • Pain Management
  • Skin Care Team
  • Fall Prevention Team
  • Strong Staff to Resident Ratio
  • Residents’ Council
  • Pre-Admission/Discharge Planning
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • IV Therapy
  • Dietary Services/Licensed Dietician
  • Colostomy/Catheter Care
  • Surgery/Stroke/Injury Rehabilitation
  • On-Site Religious Services
  • Social Services
  • Recreational Services



“Words cannot express how grateful we are as a family for the care my Mother received for 54 months. Mother was treated so well at Bear Lake Manor, and in her transfer to your Skilled Nursing Facility, the treatment continued and was intensified; her needs were greater, and the care met her needs. Imagine, 54 months on her back and no bedsores. What a tribute to your staff.We can send people to school, we can teach them to administer care, we can train people to clean, bathe, cook and serve, but we cannot teach love. Love is spoken there. Love is given there. I doubt you know how or why this is so, but every organization is a reflection of its leadership.Our appreciation, compliments, our love is sent to you and your staff. We cannot say enough about those marvelous people in the nursing home. I wish they could be paid what they’re worth. Thank you for everything.
Sincerely, Richard Anthony” 

“I had the privilege to observe what I believe to be one of the best examples of class and thoughtfulness at, of all places, your Hospital. I was first asked if I would like to stay and eat dinner with my Mom and was then treated with not only a good dinner but observed well appointed, decorated tables, a great peaceful atmosphere and caregivers who had prepared a nice day for the residents. It could not have been better if it had been rehearsed. I have always been impressed with the care you all provide my Mom but this display was way beyond. I am, and the Montpelier area should be, thankful/grateful for the service you provide. It would be so easy to provide the necessities and let it ride but you folks go way beyond. I have had Thanksgiving dinner at ‘Country Clubs’ for people that pay to be impressed that did not come close to this experience. Once in a while one has experiences close to a spiritual event. One of those days for me was at your facility today. For those responsible, they deserve a great Thank You. I guess the setting ‘a place where most don’t even know the difference between good/celestial service/caring’ is what pushed me over the edge. Thank you so much. You provide a service to this community that cannot be found in very many places.
I was impressed-you probably couldn’t tell.
Thank you, Norm Freeman”