DOT Physicals

Anya Anthony, MSPA, PA-C


Anya Anthony, MSPA PA-C obtained her P.A. graduate degree from Western University in Pomona, California. Prior to moving to Bear Lake, she worked at a Community Clinic in California for 4 years. After having a positive experience with a physician’s assistant in an emergency room and doing some research on the position, Anya knew that’s what she really wanted to do. She went back to school, while still working full time and raising a family, to earn her degree. As the only female provider at Bear Lake Memorial Hospital, Anya feels she has a lot to offer the community and will be providing women’s health services. She also hopes to help Community members “preserve their good health.” Those wishing to make an appointment with Anya can call Dr. Campbell’s office at 847-3847.

Alex Moss, PA-C

Alex Moss, PA-C grew up in southeast Idaho, after spending several years out of state in Utah and Montana for his education. He is glad he could return to Idaho to raise his family and work with the people in the Bear Lake community.   Alex has been on staff at Bear Lake Memorial Hospital […]