Volunteer for the Health of It!

Donating time or resources benefits both the giver and the receiver. Studies have shown that giving releases similar chemicals to when you eat a great meal or falling in love. Other benefits include: Developing new skills and experiences (especially if you have been out of the workforce for a while), keeps the mind and body active and occupied warding off effects of age, and finally can make you feel wealthier and like you have more time.

No one ever regrets time spent serving others. Though giving often goes unrecognized, those that freely share their talents with others see that being acknowledged and praised isn’t why they do it.   Patience and kindness go a long way in helping others. Through serving others, we gain understanding; we concentrate less on our own short comings; and we have more opportunity to grow as individuals. Here are a couple ways you can start:

  • Reach out to organizations that interest you. It will be easier to relate to those involved and stay motivated in different projects if you genuinely care about the cause.
  • Start out slow! It’s easy to burn out with too much involvement. Attend meetings or groups as an observer first. It’ll be easier to volunteer when you truly understand where the need is and how you can help.

Service is simple. It can be challenging to get motivated but like many things it takes time and practice to develop.  For opportunities and more information about volunteering locally contact Lott Crockett, Director of Volunteer Services for Bear Lake Memorial Hospital at 847-4445 or apply online at http://goo.gl/mQKxih.

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