The Schmidts’ – Leaving a Legacy

The Schmidt’s love Bear Lake and have spent summers on the shores since they were first married. Liz was diagnosed with a kidney disease and while visiting Bear Lake they travelled to Logan 3x a week for dialysis, consuming much of their energy and vacation time.

The Schmidt’s approached BLMH’s Administrator at the time, Rod Jacobson, about what it would take to establish the life-saving treatment at the smaller county-owned facility. After doing some research, Rod learned a new Dialysis Center would cost in excess of $500,000, an amount way beyond the Hospital’s ability to finance. When Ted and Liz have told the bad news their response was “could you do it if money was not the issue?”.  After careful consideration and in light of the fact that several other Bear Lake residents were travelling long distances for dialysis, the Hospital Board of Trustees authorized the endeavor.

Within a year, Bear Lake Memorial Hospital had a fully functioning Dialysis Center and Liz Schmidt received her summer dialysis treatments at BLMH for several years. Since the beginning of the Dialysis Center literally, hundreds of patients have had their lifesaving treatments performed counting up to over 130,000 hours in the last 13 years. Even after Liz’s passing, Ted continues to share their story and show support to this community. All of this made possible in one of the smallest and most caring dialysis center in the country… at the Bear Lake Memorial’s Dialysis Center, Ted and Liz Schmidt made it a reality.

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3 thoughts on “The Schmidts’ – Leaving a Legacy

  1. One of the many accomplishments I am so proud to have been a part of! We so appreciate the Schmidt’s so much!

  2. My Dad Larry Pugmire was born and raised in St. Charles, Idaho. Due to the nasty affects of Diabetes, he experienced kidney failure and began dialysis in January of 2019. We live near Salt Lake City, and have had the home he was raised in in St. Charles for our summer getaway for the past 27 years. We were thrilled to learn BLMH had a dialysis center. He was able to come back to the beloved Bear Lake Valley the week of July 4th and receive treatments there. The staff were so kind, professional and accommodating to him. Knowing he can still come to enjoy time at his childhood home and have dialysis has so boosted his spirits and given him something to look forward to. So grateful to the Schmidt family and their generosity, that will continue to benefit so many people.

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